By Amy Mead

Beyond the Valley of Belief

Beyond The Valley Of Belief: Real or Unreal Vol. 1

Directed by Brian Papandrea

Written by Brain Papandrea, Nathan Rumler and Brian Kilby

Starring Brian Papandrea, Brian Kilby, Nathan Rumler, Sadie Tate, James Bell and Adam Lorenz

Rock Bottom Video has got to be one of my favorite indie production companies around right now. Having been a huge fan of their other films, Fangboner, and the Big F, I was very pleased to find out that The Rock Bottom Video boys were  back at it with yet another contribution to the indie film world. And what a contribution it is.

Their latest effort, BEYOND THE VALLEY OF BELIEF: Real or Unreal Vol. 1, is a highly entertaining parody of the old television series Beyond Belief: Fact of Fiction. For those of you that don’t know, the show ran from 1997-2002 and would present the audience with a series of  weird, outlandish, and creepy tales that the viewer would try to determine if they were true or false. The show host, Jonathan Frakes, would then do a reveal at the end of each episode.

What the gang over at Rock Bottom Videos have given us with Beyond the Valley of Belief is something similar in that it follows the format in that respect. But that is where any similarities end. The content presented is unlike anything you’d ever see on the actual show. And it is fucking hilarious.

Our host, Jonathan Fritz (Brian Papandrea) presents us with five stories that include a scarecrow man, haunted bicycles, possessed toys, vampire cannibals, farting ghosts, and an evil witch, while simultaneously losing his battle with alcoholism and continued sobriety in a special live Halloween episode.

There are five segments, complete with commercials, and while not all of them are not all equally entertaining, they are all extremely amusing. I found it to be quite a challenge  to stop laughing,especially at the commercials (which are sure to delight fans of their other films). And some of the stories had me rolling. My stomach hurt after watching this film. 

Director Brain Papandrea has done a great job with the films micro-budget. The film seems to carry itself along on its own momentum, almost seamlessly. And as usual, Brian Kilby kills it with the camera work and lighting. 

Starring the usual cast of Rock Bottoms other productions, the acting in this film was beyond hilarious. Brain Papandrea, Brian Kilby, Nathan Rumler and Sadie Tate are all back in new roles, and they are nothing short of fantastic in them. That being said, I have to say the stand out performance here for me is Brian Papandrea. His portrayal as a witch is one of the greatest things I have ever seen in an indie film. 

I like a little comedy mixed in with my horror and I truly cannot recommend this film enough. It’s campy, fun, and even a little bit bloody. Grab yourself a copy and see for yourself. And while you’re at it, check out the other films they have to offer. I promise you won’t be disappointed!



By Amy Mead 

The Chainsaw Sally Show

Season One 

Chainsaw Sally Show Season One

Brought to you by the mind of Jimmyo Burril

Starring April Monique Burril, Azman Toy, Lilli Burril and Nicolette Le Faye

And featuring appearances by Debbie Rochin, Jimmyo Burril, Monique Dupree, Jordan Wyandt and many more

Back in 2004, Jimmyo Burril unleashed the Chainsaw Sally character upon the word with the indie film of the same name. The Chainsaw Sally Show, which began in 2010is a continuation of that character’s story.

Sally Diamon (April Monique Burril) is a woman who witnessed the brutal murder of her parents as a young girl. Needless to say, it fucked her up royally. She, along with her eccentric and colorful brother Ruby, has grown up to be a serial killer. 




Sally is a librarian by day and a vicious killer by night. She keeps a vigilant watch, seeking revenge on the more unsavory residents of Porterville, Maryland. Parking in a handicapped spot to go jogging, littering, bullying, and being a creepy pervert are unacceptable to Sally. Commit any of those offenses and it’s practically a guarantee you’ll meet the business end of Sally’s trusty chainsaw “Gunnar”.

Yes, Sally is a killer, But she is by no means your average killer. Instead of preying on the weak and innocent, she prefers to go after what she considers to be the dregs of society. Sometimes Ruby even gets in on the action.

These sinister siblings share quite a bond. They thoroughly enjoy killing together and then cannibalizing all those who dare to piss them off. And let me tell you this: they are very good at it. Their relationship is very entertaining to watch and the chemistry they have as brother and sister is something that is almost heartwarming, in a very twisted sense. 

She may be a vicious killer, but not all “crimes” are punishable by death in Sally’s eyes. Delivering her peanut butter cookies when she asked for mint thins might just get you kept in a cage as her personal pet, much like fan favorite Busy Bee (Nicolette Le Faye).

Sally isn’t always totally full of maniacal rage, however. And we see this through her interactions with local goth girl, and library helper Poe. After working with her at the library, she develops a bit of a sweet spot for Poe. When she is the victim of bullying by two asshole high school girls, Sally makes them pay dearly. It is a beautiful thing to see.


Chainsaw Sally Show


With a runtime of 275 minutes, there is much to love with Season one of The Chainsaw Sally Show. It’s got blood, gore, humor and boobs aplenty, with a definite sort of punk rock kind of feel. It’s very indie but that’s what makes it so much damn fun. That in itself is what makes it work so well. When you add in the inventive and sometimes over the top kills, it’s just a lot of fun to watch. The special effects are exceptionally well done for such a low budget affair.

The story line is rather simple but thanks to Jimmyo Burril’s direction, and the way the cast brings their respective roles to life, it does it’s job keeping the audience entertained through it’s entirety. The way April Monique Burril transitions to all the many facets of Sally’s character is truly a showcase of her acting skills. By the end of it’s run, I had fallen completely in love with Sally and the rest of the gang. I really didn’t want it to end. There truly is a lot to love here, even for the most seasoned of horror fans.

It is my humble opinion that The Chainsaw Sally Show truly deserves a space on the shelves of all cult horror fans all over the world. If you are into horror comedy mashed up with a little revenge and a lot of gore, I strongly recommend you check this series out. You’ll love it.

And If you like what you see, The Chainsaw Sally Show Season Two also exists and is available for your viewing pleasure!