By Nick Durham

Child’s Play is one of those rare gems from the late 80s that despite its ridiculous premise, managed to be a pretty effective killer doll flick. Not to mention the fact that it also spawned a whole franchise with numerous sequels (that range from “meh” to “sweet Jesus this is awful”) and solidified possessed killer doll Chucky as a slasher icon. Scream Factory has bestowed upon us a Collector’s Edition Blu-ray release, and despite the fact that there’s already been numerous releases of the film on DVD and Blu-ray over the years, this is the edition to pick up.


I won’t go into the story of Child’s Play too much because we all know it by heart: a serial killer on the run from the cops (Brad Dourif) transfers his soul into a Good Guy doll at a toy store. It isn’t long before said doll finds its way into the home of young Andy (Alex Vincent) and his mother Karen (Catherine Hicks). Soon enough, some nasty shit starts happening, culminating in a showdown between the murderous Chucky and his would-be victims (as well as cop Chris Sarandon). Nearly everything about the film’s story shouldn’t work, but thanks to director Tom Holland (Fright Night), it ends up being a surprisingly taut and even more surprisingly good flick; in fact, it’s probably better than you remember it being.


Scream Factory has packed a hefty amount of features on these two discs. Disc one features the film itself, along with a new commentary track from Tom Holland. There’s older commentary tracks as well, including ones that feature Catherine Hicks, Alex Vincent, screenwriter Don Mancini, producer David Kirshner, Chucky designer Kevin Yagher, and even select commentary from Brad Dourif as Chucky, which are a hoot.  The second disc features a bounty of new and archival interviews and making-of featurettes, as well as a great interview with effects maestro Howard Berger. There’s photo and poster galleries, as well as the film’s trailer and a TV spot too. In terms of video and audio presentation, Scream Factory did really well here, and this is probably the best Child’s Play has ever looked or sounded.


All these years later, Child’s Play is still a blast to watch, and undoubtedly the best of the franchise by far. Even if you own the film on DVD or Blu-ray already, you should get your hands on this set from Scream Factory. It’s a very enjoyable edition of a fun film, and is more than worthy to be in your collection.


Rating: 4/5